7 Work From Home Online Income Streams You Can Use Today

There are many opportunities available for those of us seeking work from home online income. The sheer amount available can be overwhelming. There are so many that it can be difficult to know where to start. I have gathered together below several areas that offer programs that anyone can use to start their online earnings growing.

1. Micro job sites:

A recent arrival online, these sites allow anyone to post a job they are willing to complete. To find a list of available sites just do a search for "micro job sites." Once you join you can list your job offer, most allow you to offer a great range of services, take a look at what is popular and be inventive. You will get paid a fixed fee for completing the agreed work. Make sure you are aware of the fee the site takes so you know exactly how much you will receive before starting.

2. Data Entry:

There are many opportunities for the speedy keyboard operator. Jobs entering un-formatted data into web forms or documents so that it is usable by the organization employing you. This job is suited to a quick typist who is able to read longhand or typed data, and enter it error free into the required area. Some specialist areas exist such as medical and legal data entry.

This particular area also attracts a lot of scams. If this is the kind of work you decide to seek beware of sites asking for a fee before they provide you with work, and perform all necessary due diligence. Always search for data on the company concerned before you accept work.

3. Proof reading:

If you love reading, and can spot errors in spelling and grammar a mile away, then this may be for you. Reading documents such as books, articles, and website copy, then spotting and correcting any mistakes, is a service many are willing to pay for.

There are websites that specialize in offering this kind of opportunity. It is also a job you could offer to perform on a micro job site. Offering this service on a site like that is also a great way to build a client base.

4. Graphics editing:

Website headers, e-book covers, company logos, for those of us with a skill for creating graphics elements there are many opportunities available. If you have skill using Photoshop then you have a marketable talent. There are many people who need help with these tasks. Again it is another great service to offer on a micro job site.

5. Writing:

There are literally millions of websites, and more are coming online everyday. All of these will need content. If you love writing there are many people who will pay you for this skill. Articles, email series, sales letters, web-pages, everything you see was written by someone.

Writing jobs are probably the easiest to come by, and if you can produce good error free work you will be in demand.

6. Selling online:

This is not so much a work from home online job, but a business. Go around your house and collect up all the stuff you don't need or use, and sell them on an online auction site like eBay. Using stuff you already have means you can get started today. You can make some money, and build a reputation doing this in the early stages. Then you can use the money from your clear-out to buy more stock and build your business. There are endless things you can sell, take a look at the eBay pulse to find the current best sellers. Some stock gathering ideas are companies selling job lots of large retailer returns and overstocks, charity stores, yard sales, etc. There are thousands making a full-time income doing this from home.

7. Affiliate marketing:

If you don't fancy selling direct, you can sell other peoples stuff by becoming an affiliate marketer. Sites like eBay, Amazon, ClickBank, in fact nearly every online retailer will have an affiliate program you can join. This is a massive subject and there is a lot of good affiliate marketing training available. Basically however you are given a special link by the product vendor that tracks any customers you send. If the person you send makes a purchase you receive a payment.

Work from home online income is available in many sectors. Choose your path and stick to it. Start taking action today and you will soon see success.